Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tons of FRANK MILLER news

Frank couldn't make it to the N.Y.Con due to some form of leg injury, but that hasn't stopped a ton of related news slipping out at his home town convention. Here, he slips some skinny on the direction his The Spirit screenplay is taking (bad news for anyone expecting it to have too much in the way of laughs, it seems). Here is the news that SIN CITY II is moving closer to the starting blocks, supposedly with some shooting in Austin in the spring (from this, it sounds like Weinstein mouthpiece Brendan Deneen isn't too familiar with Ava Lord or her wardrobe from A Dame To Kill For). And finally, in what is probably the biggest news for us comicbook nostalgists, is this: the news that he's collaborating with Neal Adams on a Batman mini-series, to be called ODYSSEY.


Mark said...

That's Ava's wardrobe, or lack thereof. The eedjit.