Sunday, January 28, 2007

spooky buggers

An abiding portrait of Mike Mignola over at Joel Meadow's blog. I bet that skull talks to him when there's no-one else around. "Avenge me, Mike! WoooOoooo!"

Good luck with the book, Joel - hope your problems iron themselves out.


Brandon said...

Mignola seemed like less of a Dick than a lot of the creators I met at ComicCon last year. Pretty friendly as a matter of fact. He was gracious enough to sign a cherished and beaten up copy of GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT that I brought along.

I love Hellboy, but I wish he'd consider doing some more Batman stuff.

Mark said...

Mignola is drawing so much less and less these days, that I'd just love to see him drawing anything. But preferably funny short stories about big monsters knocking the tripe out of each other.

Brandon said...

Or just about anything with skeletons in it. Dude's skeletons are the shit!

saudade said...

Cool to hear he's not an ass.

His crows are pretty badass too. The mister's got Mignola crows tattooed on his upper arms. Actually, pretty much anything he draws that even hints of death is pretty sweet.