Sunday, January 21, 2007

new OMM out now

There's a new issue of The Observer Music Monthly out today, the usual mix of quality music journalism and just-shoot-me-now embarrassment. And if, like me, you've ever wondered, "hey, whatever happened to Big Sick Ugly Jim Martin out of Faith No More?", they've got yer answer here.


geoff said...

why would anybody in thier right effing mind buy the effing observer?

i got the irish sunday star today. free james brown cd. haven't played it yet. maybe never will. a habit with these free discs. they encourage you to buy the bleeding paper and do you play the effing free disc? bloody rarely!

half time these free discs are nothing but cobbled together bits of shitty live performances (usually from television at some shitty quality) and padded out with some shit and unsigned or shit and recently signed acts that are so bleeding crap that nobody would buy their effing cd anyway.

... i seem to have gone off at a tangent there. anyway. the bloody observer! that's one of them rags you read in the waiting room down the doctors or the bleeding dentist.

mind you, haven't been to the dentist for six years. ha ha! them buggers poke about in my mouth for fifteen minutes and charge me half a bleeding mortgage repayment for a couple of fillings or an effing crown!

two of my crowns have fallen out and i'd rather let the stumps rot than cross their clammy palms with effing silver.

jim martin from faith no more? who gives a frig?

Mark said...

Get out of the wrong side of the bed this morning?

And re: Jim Martin, and who gives a frig - me and Jacko, for a start.

Anonymous said...

The only time i buy the observer is when it has the music magazine - my heart did sink when i saw the '25 gigs' cover - oh great more fecking coldplay at glastonbury - but it wasn't all bad. And i was pleased to find out about jim martin's pumpkin success too....

geoff said...

Get out of the wrong side of the bed this morning?

nah. just wanted a moan. mind you, got out of the wrong effing side this morning. pisser of a bucking day.

Mark said...

That's only to be expected, seeing how actual scientists have determined that today was the most depressing day of the year.

saudade said...

That is priceless. And from English scientists too, via Fox News. How much more doom and gloom can one get?

I can see those Silver Surfer man ornaments glittering on the page as I write this. That and "David Lovering, magician!" is enough to give my mood a lift.

Mark said...

Our Geoff here is a personal friend of half the Pixies. But I don't think Dave Lovering is one of them. You ever meet Lovering, Geoff?