Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Strewth, mate.

Christ love a duck. Ashley Wood has just announced on his blog that he and Alan Martin will be relaunching Tank Girl at IDW in May. Woah. That news certainly came out of nowhere. I suppose I won't really know how I feel about this until I have the first issue right here in my hands. At least Ash is a proper Australian, but Tank Girl without Jamie Hewlett? That'll take a bit of getting used to. But right now, my inner seventeen year old is feeling pretty stoked.


Anonymous said...

ye cannae beat a bit of roo shaggin

copernicus said...

I notice that Tank Girl dude Jamie Hewlett almosts shares a name with real life Tank Boy and rampant cad Major James Hewitt.


Mark said...

Clearly not. For a start, has anyone every seen them together?

Didn't think so.