Sunday, January 07, 2007

I heart Phil Bond, pt2

Elsewhere on the 'net, a while back, I was discussing the merits of an American artist with a penchant for drawing big monkeys. This turned to someone opining how he'd probably do a good ANGEL & THE APE. I demurred, adding that any new Angel & The Ape series should be done by the team that did the last mini at Vertigo, namely Howard Chaykin and Philip Bond. This then turned to my mentioning Bond's great pop art Sci-Fi turn in DEADLINE, Cheeky Wee Budgie Boy, and his most out there work of anthromorphicism, DOGMEAT. Of course, both these references drew blanks. Tsssk. Kids today.

Basically, CWBB was where Bond transcended his earlier work, Wired World, for the first time, showing he could do so much more than just cute girls wandering about their flat in their knickers. Dogmeat, however, showed he could also do cute girls wandering around with no knickers at all. Any ever-so-mild whiff of Crumbian misogyny was completely undercut with a gonzo sense of the absurd, meaning no-one in their right mind could take offence.

So, purely in order to educate the masses, here's the first episode of DOGMEAT, from DEADLINE #57. Which, as I said is out there dude, meaning utterly not safe for work. Filthy boy.

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Edco said...

Dude I love Bond's work. Thx for posting, I don't think I'dve seen them otherwise!sakurs