Sunday, January 21, 2007


Over at 2000AD ONLINE, The Mighty One is asking for questions for a text feature in the 30th Anniversary issue coming up, uh, in about 5 weeks. So, if there's any burning issues you've ever wanted resolved, like "how's about reprinting Alan Davis' HARRY 20 ON THE HIGH ROCK in an Extreme Edition then, green bonce?", "what happened to John Lucas, the dude who drew VALKYRIES? Steve Moore's story was unfairly maligned by the puritanical elements in Toof's readership, and the art was uniformly bloody great", or "why do you keep recommissioning the abysmal BEC AND KAWL?", then now's yer chance.


Chris Weston said...

Or "Does Pat Mills ever get ideas for new stories... or is he just content to rewrite his old ones?"


Mark said...

Yup, those and other questions no right-thinking, vaguely diplomatic editor would touch with a 10-foot bargepole. Plus, we all know what happens to 2000AD editors that fall out with Pat Mills. They, uh, go on to quite successful careers as freelance writers.

Oh, I've thought of another: METALZOIC by Mills and Kevin O'Neill. If that's out of print and the rights have reverted back to the creators, shouldn't someone think about bringing out a new edition? Someone like Rebellion?