Monday, October 09, 2006

The ghost in the machine

Read a nice piece by Steven Levy in The Guardian Magazine on Saturday claiming that his (and other's) iPod's shuffle function may have some form of psychic power. A precog algorithm. I believe in it, it's some form of local magic, and Pandora now seems to have developed it, too. And in my case, the ghost in the machine appears to be Ronnie Lane.

Cheers, Plonk.


Anonymous said...

I left you on the debris
at the Sunday morning market
you were sorting through the odds and ends
you was looking for a bargin

I heard your footsteps at the front door
and that old familiar love song
'cause you knew you'd find me waiting there
at the top of the stairs

I wouldn't of went back
just to see how far it was
and you looked shocked to tell me
but I had to love her myself

there's more trouble at the depot
with the general workers union
and they said they'll never change a thing
well, they won't fight and their not working

oh you was my hero
hell you are my good friend
I've been there and back
and I know how far it is

but I left you on the Debris
now we both know you got no money
and I wonder what you would have done
without me hanging around

Mark said...

If yer trying to get into my pants, yer going the right way about it.