Sunday, September 17, 2006

welfare mothers make better lovers

God help me, but I love The Observer Music Monthly. For every damn "ugh, broadsheets shouldn't be allowed within a country mile of writing about rock" moment, there's something like today's great Simon Garfield piece about The Who.


RAB said...

That really is a remarkably good article, possibly some of the best I've read on Pete or Roger.

(And you know, we're still waiting in the States to hear anything of those new songs. Come on, won't someone help a brother out?)

Mark said...

Send me your email address and I'll see what can be arranged.

Anonymous said...

what i've heard of wire & glass isn't bad. mirror door is probably the best of the batch. i like pick up the pace too. at times it sounds more like daltrey material than the who.

i've never really been a big fan of much of their post-moonie stuff anyway. or post-quadrophenia if i'm honest.

still got a big soft spot for them. thought of writing a batch of songs for daltrey (still do). so much of his solo work was shit - funny to think that his best was actually with songs by leo sayer.