Friday, September 29, 2006

review in brief: LOW DOWN HOEDOWN 28/09/'06

Went to see HAYSEED DIXIE at The King's Head last night.

Fucking brilliant. Hiding behind their original novelty band persona hides a really tight-but-loose bluegrass combo, so respec' due. I told the mandolin player as much, that if it wasn't for the drinking and the obscenities an' all, they wouldn't have got kicked out of Bill Monroe's band, and he seemed pretty chuffed at that. Their support act, HILLSTOMP were pretty good too, another one of those bands in that currently fashionable two piece set up, the singer/guitarist and drummer (y'know, like The White Stripes, The Black Keys, etc). These guys played a very swampy country blues, reminded me of the kinda groove R.L. Burnside used to get going when he played with The Blues Explosion. And their drummer was brilliant, played the shit out of his homemade kit, constructed largely of washingboards, plastic kegs, what looked like the lid of an old tool box, and other assorted crap. Hit that crap harder than anyone I've seen since Bonham.

Great night, great synergy between the bands and the crowd. Saw a lot of Norn Iron arts scenesters there, too: DJs, novelists, playwrights, bloggers. Only problem is I'm now totally knackered, but I'm supposed to be going back in a couple of hours for more. D'Oh! Yee-Haa! D'Oh!


Anonymous said...

i remember years ago trying to blend punk rock and blues together. i was never able to pull it off [oh mrs!], probably still can't - when i record myself doing boogie-woogie guitar i just sound like the sweet.

anyway, the white stripes were probably the best ones who've tried it.

i even had a name for it, but never used it as it didn't quite sound right - blues punk :blush:

Jeff said...

I liked the wee mandolin players tattoo, rockin in the free world with Betty-Boo. Class. Apparently shes a dirty bitch. And the Banjo player is a real nice guy, and he ROCKS!!

So, where they better on Thursday or Friday night? And was the Guiness just as sweet?

At least you didn't have to get up at 5:50AM the next morning to go to work, I'm totally wrecked. Still drinkin with Stevie today though, you know, football and all that.

Mark said...

The crowds on the two nights were very different, which seemed to duly influence the band, with Thursday being the more bluegrass night for the more restrained college crowd, with Friday the more "rockgrass" night for a more raucous croud.

And yeah, The Dixie are a real bunch of sweethearts, I got talking to the rest of the members. Got the feeling they'd happily have stayed there all night talking crap with everyone of the audience. The bassist, Jake, looked like his puppy had been shot when I told him I had to quit yakking and go home. And yeah, they looked mightily pleased when I suggested that they had a higher purpose, sneaking real bluegrass to the kids behind the thin veneer of a comedy persona. The banjo player pulled a real "by jove, I think he's got it" face.

So yeah, I got drunk and ranted to a band about how much I loved them. Kinda like Ali Jackson and The Hellacopters.