Sunday, September 03, 2006

Jack Kirby's Old Museum Arts Centre #1

Getting very close to the second anniversary of this blog. I shall be celebrating in a local pizzeria surrounded by beautiful, drunk, women. Not deliberately mind, it's just what I was going to be doing on Wednesday anyway. And on Tuesday, I'll be getting my liver warmed up at the pub quiz at The Cobbles. All welcome, but I must warn ya - it's a fix. I've got an "in" with the quizmaster.

And, as it's been "
Canadian Comics Weekend" chez nous, here's a link for ya: the blog of Toronto's Royal Academy of Illustration & Design.


Anonymous said...

word is you're getting the answers via pillow-talk 8-)

Mark said...

Yup. Me and The Beer Hunter get gay, like all men, every third wednesday. It's the rules.