Friday, August 25, 2006

more SOLO #12 art

Brendan's work has always been loaded with pop references, with The Beatles looming the largest in the McCarthy/Ewins/Milligan rock pantheon. The inside cover of STRANGE DAYS #1 rather spells this out with the sublime Lennon-Avoida. John Lennon, in Sgt Pepper regalia, avoids being assasinated by a star-spangled cowboy, with Lee Harvey Oswald, bedecked in Mickey Mouse ears, taking the bullet instead, while Paradax and Johnny Nemo look on (below). Here's a new page from SOLO #12 (left) that could be seen as something of a belated sequel to that work. Damn those crafty Blue Meanies!

Plus more subtle Bowie referencing: in the bottom right corner - "Live til your rebirth and do what you will"? I think that's a lyric from After All, on THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD. During Dave's Crowley phase, obviously.


Richard said...

Superb interview, Mark. I'm now looking forward to this issue even more than I was before, which doesn't seem possible. Cheers.

Mark said...

Cheers, Richard - and good to see you leave a comment finally!

Richard said...

Hey, I called Johnnie Walker a twat in July. I'm posting, I'm posting! :)