Thursday, August 24, 2006

more McCarthy

The interview went live at Dogmatika early this morning, and can be found here. And here's another great image to go with it, featuring a dragged-up muscleman with a face eerily similar to a young Bob Dylan. When was the last time you heard a sentence like that describing the star of an upcoming DC comic? Umm, 1992? And to see more of Duke and his shopping spree. try Mile High Comics.


RAB said...

Absolutely brilliant job, Mark. The whole thing made me smile, and it captures the guy perfectly. But is he still going on about Doctor Manhattan's penis? Twenty years ago, I transcribed a taped interview with McCarthy (conducted by Steve Whitaker) and he did a whole paragraph on how unimpressed he was by seeing Manhattan's package. And he's still thinking about it. What does this say?

His idea of a Swimini Purpose style series featuring Morrison, Milligan, et al is a I expect it'll be another ten years before it happens. I would have liked to see some discussion of his work on Reboot...but it delights me unreasonably to hear his praise for Saturn Girl.

Mark said...

Well, there's more about his work on REBOOT in SWIMINI. The hard bit is obtaining a copy.

Loved Chris Weston's praise for McCarthy over at Newsarama: "Brendan works on movies that don't get made, devises TV series that don't get commissioned and comics that don't get published... which is a bigger crime than the murder of John Lennon. Somewhere, there's an alternative dimension where this isn't true. And they call that place Heaven. His artwork is so scarce and other-worldly,you practically have to summon it up with a ouija board. If there was any justice he'd have his own religion. I worship Him."

geoff said...

bloody good that