Tuesday, August 29, 2006


It's just been drawn to my attention by The Great Brendon Connelly, that Neil Gaiman linked to my interview with Brendan McCarthy on his blog yesterday. Groovy. Should bump up the hits nicely.


i heart Rush said...

Is that the same interview hairy scary Warren Ellis described as "brilliant" at The Engine?

Mark said...

Cheers - that one had passed me by. I dunno if he described the interview or Brendan as "brilliant", er, "Geddy". Anyways, the recent outpouring of admiration and affection towards McCarthy by pros and fans alike has been quite amazing.

SOLO #12 came out in America today (Wednesday 30th), so get on down to your LCS and pick up a copy. If you need anymore persuading, there's EVEN MORE cracking preview pages over at The Strangeness Of Brendan McCarthy now. And don't leave it for 15 years between comics again, fergawdsake Brendan!