Saturday, July 15, 2006

2000AD news of a sadder kind

Andy Diggle is reporting over at his blog that the great Tom Frame, comic book letterer, colourist and noted Rolls Royce owner has passed away. I can't find a decent synopsis of his lengthy career anywhere, though click on the header for a link to his wikipedia entry. Suffice to say, 2000AD without Frame's lettering will seem quite different, he's been the archetypical UK comic book letterer for as long as I can remember, the default setting in my head when I think of any famous Tooth dialogue - "gaze into the fist of Dredd" (on the t-shirt, above)? That's his, as integral to the work as Wagner's words and Bolland's art.

I hope editorial at Rebellion choose to keep all Dredd stories lettered in whatever computerised fonts based on his hand lettering Tom has left behind.


geoff said...

fuck :-(

Mark said...

Over the years, I've been guilty of taking lettering for granted, but the one I always recognised as plowing his own furrow, was Frame. In fact, when I went on font-gathering binges, I was always actively looking out for one based on his hand lettering. I always expected some enterprising soul would hve bootlegged one: called it "Brit Comics" or suchlike.