Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Lots of SUPERMAN blogging going on... honour of Singer's new movie. In tribute to my inner seven year old, here's a link to a great site: SUPERMAN THROUGH THE AGES. It's one ugly website, but it has a ton of content you could spend a week combing through.

Examples from the comics, from 1934 (the unpublished-until-1939, Alex Raymond-influenced, newspaper strip version of the myth that Siegel and Shuster shopped around unsuccessfully before selling ACTION COMICS #1 to National Periodicals, now DC Comics, simultaneously inventing the comic book format and the entire super hero genre) right through to 2006, featuring many complete classics. Interviews and essays; creator profiles; short stories and entire novels (many by the great Elliot S! Maggin, the finest Superman writer ever in most eyes); downloadable episodes of the classic Fleischer Studios cartoons; a downloadable pilot episode of the 1961 ADVENTURES OF SUPERBOY TV series; episode guides and summaries for all Kal-El's celluloid adventures; a searchable encyclopedia: the thing just goes on and on, just full of great stuff. Dig in.