Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Three links and I'm out

1. So, do you feel like your life would be better if you were wearing a replica of Judge Dredd's helmet? Or had a Genetic Infantry biochip firmly lodged in your brain, in the hopes that cloning becomes available soon on the NHS? So do these good people.

2. Like me, are you looking forward to a summer of sitting on your ass, drinking too much beer, and filling in football results on a wallchart placed in a (female-baitingly) prominent position in your living room? Yes? Then this might be your new favourite blog, too.

3. You don't get a finely toned physique like mine without liking sweets. You, too, can now have a body like this by doing all of your grocery shopping here. Featuring decent Leo Baxendale-influenced cartooning by Colin Whittock.

Okay, so that was actually five links. So sue me.


Jeff said...


Mark said...

Yeah, I was thinking of ordering some for Glenn, just to see his little face light up.

Anonymous said...

you know you want it

Mark said...

Is that link for real, or is it something offa FARK? 'Cus if it's real, I'd be tempted to get one.

SQUINNER said...

It was my link, fine sir. And I do believe that this is for-real

A bar-b-q speciality, me thinks

A few sausages in Jesus toasted bread hmmmm My mouth is watering already