Monday, May 22, 2006

Peter Jackson's SUPERMAN

Elsewhere, I've been ruminating on how Singer's SUPERMAN RETURNS flick seems to share its basic plot with Donner's original: Superman versus Luthor, and his maniacal plan for financial advancement through mass destruction. I stated how, in the current age of CGI, couldn't a Superman movie have a set-piece action sequence worthy of the character, against an enemy with the visual clout of Gil Kane's Brainiac redesign, or even the giant, Kryptonite-powered chimp Titano (somewhat inspired by Ethan Van Sciver's recently leaked preview pages from SUPERMAN/BATMAN #28). Then it hit: the man who should have got the job, a guy who understands how to keep a computer-generated action sequence as dynamic as a home movie shot in a riot - Peter freakin' Jackson. And I'm not just saying that because I want to see SUPERMAN VERSUS KING KONG. Though that would be officially awesome, too.


mork said...

i always thought that the alien-stranded-on-earth wasn't best done using superman.

nanu nanu.

Mark said...

Mork wasn't that lonely: he got to bang Mindy.