Wednesday, May 03, 2006


New issue of THE COMIC FOUNDRY available here. Includes a Gene Colan interview. 

My favourite article? This, The 25 most important events (in Comicbooks, natch) in the last 25 years. Sure, lists are lazy journalism, but they're great at stimulating debate. For example, Kevin Smith at #16. I reckon Kev's influence on comics lies not in the work he's done for DC or Marvel (really, how many of you have actually read it? Okay, read it and liked it?), but in dragging his army of fans along into comic stores to buy his CLERKS or CHASING DOGMA books, 'cus widening the customer-base for the (then, maybe less-so now) lame-duck entity that is the Direct Market (#2 in the list) is always a good thing, but especially when he was doing it at the end of the nineties, just a couple of years after the market had crashed. Smith remains as important a patron to the comic book world as he does a creator, such as everytime another stoner kid sees MALLRATS or JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK and hurries down to a comic-shop for the first time to see for himself this wacky world his favourite moviemaker keeps referencing. Or everytime a lapsed comicbook reader finds a link to a new book by an old favourite at Newsarama, the news site Smith bankrolls, and goes and buys it from Amazon (#1 in the list, The Internet, and #3, Bookstores). So yeah, I occasionally take the piss out of Kevin Smith, but the guy has been a hell of a catalyst for the returning upsurge of interest in the medium these last few years.


redlib said...

I've been to Kevin's comic store (my home state of NJ)- Jay and Silent Bob's secret stash, and it is an interesting comic store (with a Bluntmobile in the store)
However, a comic store owner friend calls him the spawn of Satan. His stoner jackass crowd at the comicons...could do without.

Mark said...

So there you go: he did widen the customer base for comics. To include stoner jackasses. Oh, and yeah - #5 in the list - libraries! Pick up a graphic novel at your local library, kids - where it's Free Comic Book Day, every day!