Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Brendan McCarthy writes:

"Hi there Mark. Here's a 'press release' I just made up:

The cover contains allusions to images and characters on display in SOLO #12, the final issue. As you can see I'm going through my "GirlyMan" period. Must be living in California under the preposterous machismo of 'The Governator' that's doing it. The guy on the front is 'DUKE' HUSSY. He's a neo-shopper and he's just bought the new 'holed' edition of THE LORD OF NOTHING.

Fasten your stocking suspenders, hold onto your lace hankies, because this issue features the debut of new art sensation DITRANKO, a new glam-punk take on THE FLASH and the first viewing of a 'lost' BATMAN tale from the 60's.

DC recommend you order your copy now, as it sure to sell out instantly.

Just like SWIMINI PURPOSE, this comic will provoke another astonishing worldwide bout of "McCarthymania" in August 2006.

45 pages of pure, uncut Brendan McCarthy... Nuff seen."


Ali said...

OT - Well I'm taking the plunge, hopping into bed with your friend, Mark, - Mr Murdoch. As we speak his minions are instlling his mind control device (Sky Plus box) downstairs, and he has has my soul and direct debit details. Ahh sweet cricket, you stitched me up like a kipper. Now I am naught.
I need to buy another TV now soon. HD maybe.

Mark said...

Look Ali, this entry has just been linked to by The Beat, and you're trying to derail it into a conversation about your bleedin' Sky Plus box!
I thought you were about to buy some giant TV the size of a cinema screen: what happened to that?

Ali said...

Well, I did mark it off topic.
Turns out the giant screen wasn't HD as I thought it was. Ho hum. Now I'm probably gonna wait till after the world cup when Curry's and so on will almost certainly knock down their prices.
The sky plus box is good though, I'll give it that.
My aplogies to any mystified/bemused 'The Beat' readers.
Besides I had no sleep for 36 hours when I posted that.

geoff said...

couldn't you have sent a txt instead of raining on the lads parade. there's a man over there parading animals in double-file onto a boat ;-)

Mark said...

My hangover is preventing me from making a witty riposte.