Saturday, April 29, 2006

what, no guitar solos?

So, I hope you've all been listening to Neil's new album, available streamed free here. Great to see one of rock's so-called "greatest generation" sticking his head above the parapets, and putting his mouth where his money is, too.

And guess what, trumpets an' all, it's easily his best work since SLEEPS WITH ANGELS at least. My first reaction when I heard the first few bars of "After The Garden"? Joyous laughter, my friends. And those damned trumpets? When you hear them ghosting Neil's big loping riffs, they make perfect sense.


Stray Taoist said...

I have, erm, just accquired the whole album, and boy, did I grin wide when it started off. And yes, even when the trumpets started.

The voice, man, the voice.

In the future, wars will be fought with gee-tars, and those possessed of the riff-ery of Meester Young will dominate the land. Cyber giants stalking with feedback in their armoury.

Stray Taoist said...

Oh, and iTunes lists its genre as 'Metal Folk Protest'

Which fits in with my giant robots running rampant dispensing laser death via Marshall stacks.

Mark said...

I'm totally in love with it. Two decent records in a row: one more and it's officially another critical renaissance. How many's that in his career so far? Three? Four?