Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Product placement in comics

Here's the apotheosis of everything that's wrong with comic books becoming corporate America's ideas lab of choice for the movie industry: becoming infected with all that's most wrong, evil, and corrupt in Hollywood. Ugh. Fight the power, people. Fight the powers that be.

***update: here's that dozy get Joe Quesada goin' on about how product placement in comics is actually a good thing. Ah, thanks Joe: and there was me mistakenly thinking it was actually the most skin-crawlingly awful idea ever.***


Ali said...

I was in work and they (Cool FM - Friends of the Dark One) were playing the lastest nonsense from Maroon 5 or someone similar, and they mentioned Red Bull in the song, I couldn't help but wonder was it a paid for product placement. Bet it was.
As Bill Hicks (world famous snooker player) said.

"If you're in marketing, kill yourself. No, really, I'm not joking, go kill yourself now. This is not a joke, I'm not being funny, it's your only hope of redeeming some tiny part of your f*cking soul, you're f*cking up everything that's good about our world. Kill yourselves now."

I'm paraphrasing, but that's the gist of it....

comic genius said...

snooker? i knew i sniff too much ajax when i was younger.

Ali said...

Yeah, narrowly beaten by Steve Davis in the first round of the World Championships this year. 10-4. Not bad for a dead bloke.

(Apologies, bad running joke between Mark and myself)

Mark said...

Maybe I'll go write a song that mentions marmite, Murphy's stout, Budvar, and Black Bush.