Wednesday, April 05, 2006

More HOT FUZZ bloggery

HOT FUZZ videoblog #3 is up here, and it's the best one yet 'cus it focusses on role-model-for-a-generation Nick Frost. Plus, Simon Pegg actually is funny in this one, doing a SEAN OF THE DEAD-style stumble out of his trailer.

And in freakier-deakier news, Film Ick has ran this revoltin' image of Pegg cameoing in Mission Impossible 3, seen here with a deranged member of a ridiculous cult, and that guy out of PULP FICTION.


Brendon said...

And if y'all come over to film ick and bookmark it, you might even save Mark a bit of cut and paste time.

Wink wink, etc;

Mark said...

Listen to the man, folks, I heartily endorse those views.

And I should even do the decent thing and get around to adding your site to my blogroll.