Friday, April 07, 2006

latest round of GET WELL SOONs

Apparently, both legendary cartoonist Alex Toth and the great Chris Claremont are unwell: Toth has been in hospital for several weeks, and Claremont, after being overcome by exhaustion recently at a conference in Italy, was diagnosed with cardiac stress. Here's wishing both men back to health as soon as possible: Toth (for all his legendary cussedness) is one of the greatest ever, and Claremont is simply the man who turned Marvel comics into the mutant-powered juggernaut it has been since the mid-seventies.


redlib said...

I hadn't heard about Claremont being ill...he was at Wizard Philly last year at the Marvel booth but it was such a Quesada driven zoo I didn't get to meet him. Hope I get another chance!