Saturday, April 01, 2006

DC head honcho fails to point out the elephant in the room to gullible soft-soap

I've been away from the internet for a couple of days, thanks to working late, watching tv, and hard drinking (camera phones were involved: see image, left). Anyway, when I checked in at the chief press release and bum-washing centre for comics, aka Newsarama, I was highly amused to see this: Paul Levitz discussing the recent massive bump in sales for the V FOR VENDETTA trade paperback. I was most amazed at how both the interviewer/bum-washer and Levitz failed to reach the most obvious conclusion: every review of the movie has basically stated the superiority of the source material as a thoughtful, original piece of storytelling. Given this, who wouldn't decide to skip going to the cinema, and instead log in to Amazon and shell out a tenner for the book? Note also how the journo fails to press Levitz for anything like a decent answer to author Alan Moore's recent criticisms of the film and the publisher. Poor.


pj said...

That's a lot of beards in one room. And how come the only bloke without his beard has had his face partially covered? Is he ashamed of his lack of beard?

- pj

Mark said...

Yes. That was one of the main topic of conversation for a large proportion of the night, actually. The dude is, interestingly enough, the nephew of former World Snooker champeen Dennis Taylor. He wants to grow one and officially join our ranks, but is afraid it'll turn out straggly and a bit ginger.

catweezer said...

is he ginger under the oxtars too?