Thursday, March 23, 2006


If, like me, WHO'S NEXT is one of your all-time favourite records, you'll be curious about this: Pete Townsend giving you the chance to have your entire life broken down into statistical data, and played through a Moog simulator (basically, the same trick that created the electronic arpeggios running through Baba O'Reilly), as part of a new project he's creating in the name of the once-aborted LIFEHOUSE album. And then we'll all be transformed into living soundwaves and shot into space. Or somethin'.


Anonymous said...

got a link? i don't see it on

Mark said...

Click on the title of this entry. Should take you straight to it. Then WHOOOSH! Off to the mothership.

geoff said...

i hate going back to the mothership. do they really have to stick the probe up my arse every time i go back?