Wednesday, March 08, 2006

whoops, I nearly missed BLOG AGAINST SEXISM DAY!

Woah, that was close! I, of course, abhor sexism in all it's forms. And what sez empowerment for the little lady better than the liberating power of a pair of barely contained cartoon breasts? Nothing, my friend, nothing.
Remember girls - as long as you have a cracking pair of top bollocks, you'll always have a shamanic power over all heterosexual (and most homosexual) men! Use your power wisely!


Stray Toaster said...

Do you *own* that book? Much respect is due. I thought I was *cough* sorry, someone I know, was bad for getting thon Danzig books in the early 90s (yes, he has them, but only as he heard there was going to be a Jae Lee short in one of them, and there was. Hey, whatever happened to Hellshock anyhow?)

But the important point is, you are never too old to have a Leather Girl in your life.

Mark said...

Unfortunately not. It's an old lurid pulp cover from a range of prints available at The Pod Gallery. But yeah, it's certainly an abiding image. Mmmm.

redlib said...

Now Mark, I think you may need to consult the OED on the definition of sexism.

But you Irish boys always get away with junk when you say stuff like "a cracking pair of top bollocks"

I have some pulps, including The Woman with Claws "she used the weapons of the boudoir to conquer men on their own battleground"

dick shakar said...

oh yeah

Mark said...

"Dick Shakar", I'm guessing, isn't your real name. Right, Ed?