Saturday, March 25, 2006

Weekend of forced sobriety

Dammit! I'm on a course of antibiotics for these damn weeping sores on my cock, uh, I mean gum infection, and couldn't touch a drop, which isn't helping my fucking mood any. Bollocks!
Anyway, finally saw ALIENS VERSUS PREDATORS NOT ON A PLANE BUT UNDER AN ICEBERG on Sky Movies. Man, it was corny! It was cornier than a corndog dipped in corn relish, served on cornbread, with corn fritters on the side! Every chance he got to close a gaping plothole, the director obviously decided to say, "hells, no! let's just go with the whole incoherent thing instead!" Bear with me while I check out the guy's CV in real time over at IMDB... Oh, he's that guy! He's fucking shit!


Anonymous said...

His CV truely reads like a citation of shite. He must really hate videogames to have made them that much of a laughing stock.
In engineering, if you fcuk up that bad you will get sacked.

geoff said...

that film was alright, y'know. freddy vs jason - now that was a shitflick.

Mark said...

Oh come on. He's shitting all over our childhoods and you know it.