Monday, March 13, 2006

Two points

1. Remember that Alan Moore interview over at the Culture Show website? This twat at the Telegraph took Alan's gag about being Patrick Moore's nephew at face value. Wotta sap.

2. DC's latest solicitations came out tonight. Yay! ELRIC: MAKING OF A SORCEROR #3 is finally re-solicited. Seeing how #2 came out just over a year ago, that's pretty darn note-worthy. Must email Mike and Walt and give them a healthy mickey-take.


kelvingreen said...

A friend of mine's brother is married to Patrick Moore's neice. Or goddaughter. Something like that anyway. Apparently he's a very messy eater and likes to cause trouble at family gatherings.

geoff said...

shakey used to be called paddy at the howard. does that count?