Monday, March 13, 2006

Starbuck: now with added hair extensions

Of course, actual-centre-of-the-universe Northern Ireland won't receive the last episode of the current smartest show in TV science fiction, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, for a few weeks due to the evil machinations of Rupert Murdoch. But it sounds like Ron Moore's little-show-that-could will continue to surprise and confound. Groovy.


geoff said...

i had a starbucks at the weekend. one of those fair-trade brews too. bloody nice it was. i usually fire a sugar or two into my coffee, but i didn't have to with this baby, oh no. or maybe i'm just getting hard.

Mark said...

Yeah, sugars for sticking in crappy instant coffee. Anything with a bit more flavour and you don't need it.