Wednesday, March 29, 2006

new sixteen valve comic from the DC school of enlightenment

So, it's going to go a little something like this: I, being an enlightened feminist, post an image from yet another comic book with a ridiculously, offensively, proportioned female in it. I point it out, and state my horror at how the super-hero wing of the comic book industry continues to objectify women. I complain about how the artform must transcend its puerile streak if it is to be taken seriously by the mainstream. How it should address sexuality as adults, not in this Benny Hill/Russ Mayer state of arrested development. Then my mainly male readership (all four of them) pile in with comments straight out of VIZ' Finbar Saunders and his Double Entendres.


So, fer Christ's sake - look at the funbags on this latest iteration of Golden Age cheesecake Phantom Lady. Look upon them, and weep with laughter.


Anonymous said...

Looks like it must have been cold on the White House lawn.

kelvingreen said...

I saw just the panel with the New Phantom Lady on another blog and I thought it was a mock-up, not only because it's absurd, but because it's absurdly badly drawn. DC are actually publishing this?

Anonymous said...

Being both immature and pedantic, it's Finbar Saunders and his Double entendres.
As for the Phantom Lady, the illustrator concerned should look at branching out into the adult dvd cover design market.

My own illustrating pen has a safety cover - a few quick twists of the wrist and it comes off in a couple of seconds... Mind you I haven't had it off in ages, so it was very stiff this morning.

Mark said...

Och aye, "Finbar". Jesus, tells you how long t's been since I saw an issue of Viz with his strip in it: he was always one of my favourites. This artist seems to be what could only be referred to as an Adam Hughes clone who has exaggerated all of Hughes' faults, and forgotten to emulate Hughes' saving graces, like his skill with facial expression. Hard to judge a script on one page, but the dialogue is cheesy and lumpen, too: "You going to stare at my butt, Andy, or are you going to blow something up?". Ugh. I might have held higher hopes if the new Human Bomb had replied "sorry, luv, but it's yer freakish jugs I'm staring at".