Wednesday, March 22, 2006

nerd newsround

1. New video blog from the Simon Pegg/Nick Frost/Edgar Wright axis film HOT FUZZ here. Also from the Working Title website - a synopsis of the plot: "Police Constable, Nicholas Angel is good at his job, so good in fact, he makes everyone else look bad. As a result, his superiors at the Met have decided to sweep him under the carpet. So it is that London's top cop finds himself in the sleepy West Country village of Sandford. With garden fetes and neighbourhood watch meetings replacing the action of the city, Angel struggles to adapt to his situation and finds himself partnered with Danny Butterman, an oafish but well meaning young Constable. Just as all seems lost, a series of grisly accidents motivates Angel into action. Convinced of foul play, Angel realises that Sandford may not be as idyllic as it seems. With his faithful new partner in tow, Angel fights to prove his instincts are correct and uncover the truth about Sandford. Is Angel simply losing his mind in the safest, sweetest village in Britain? Or is something far more sinister at work? Whatever the truth, Sandford is about to get a lot less sleepy."

2. Weirdest comic book rumour I've heard in years: Neil Young (yes, that Neil Young) is developing a graphic novel at Vertigo. Fuckin' hell. Considering the amount of projects Ol' Shakey starts and never finishes, I'd put this firmly in the "Believe it when I see it" file. Just like those boxed sets that he keeps promising that never arrive. And yes, I've ran with that photo because I've always fancied owning a Gretsch White Falcon. So what? That doesn't make me a bad person.

3. New Paul Pope interview over here at Publisher's Weekly. A real smart cookie, I enjoy hearing him talk about comics almost as much as I love looking at his artwork. Here's the first piece of escaped preview art for his forthcoming kid's book BATTLING BOY. Great to see his work coming out from a mainstream publisher, rather than from someone inside the comics ghetto. Kinda gives you hope for the graphic novel as a legitimate branch of publishing.


Ali said...

So any word of Frosty being in Hot Fuzz? I'm sure it'll be good even if he's not!

BTW Lucy should be road legal again this weekend (barring strange insurance anomalies). Hurrah! Now, to annoy the locals!!

Mark said...

That synopsis contains at least one role I'd have thought to be custom-made for Frost.

geoff said...

if the publisher of neil's book wants a quick artist they should get cam kennedy or carlos ezquerra or somebody. and bloody quick.

hell, i'd even do it in matchstickmen format.

Mark said...

As long as it isn't that guy who did the cover for ZUMA, whadjacallim? Mazzeo, or sumthin'?

I'd bet this never-see-the-day-in-a-million-years project will just turn out to be another incarnation of (the multi-media project that outstayed its welcome) GREENDALE.

That said, a Neil Young graphic novel drawn by Carlos Ezquerra would be the funnest thing ever. Its mere existence would tickle me no end, even if it turned out to be kinda crap. Oh, and Geoff - you should send some matchstick samples to Karen Berger at Vertigo, y'never know your luck. Maybe "BIG H VERSUS THE SNOWMAN" or "THE SEX PISTOLS STORY".

Oh - and Ali - Ed Frost is now one of my friends on MySpace. Heheheh!

SQUINNER said...

Or that bloody Dont Spook the horse sign!!

Mark said...

That was Young himself, if memory serves. Not a great cartoonist.

geoff said...

aye. couldn't draw a pension

Mark said...

I called Nick Frost "Ed" again, didn't I? Fuck-a-doodle-do! At least I didn't call him "Mike".