Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I'm officially scared of MySpace

Okay, my natural reaction of anything owned by Rupert Murdoch is initially fear and loathing, usually followed by capitulation, and finally giving it money hand over fist (see also: Sky fuckin' Digital). Anyway, a while ago I signed up to MySpace to make sure no crafty bastards went about the task of stealing my interweb nom du plume, and so I set up a placeholder URL. Basically, I didn't understand the phenomenon, and didn't want to. For all I could see, it was just a popularity contest for the type of annoying Goth teenagers who hang around War memorials in failing provincial towns.

I was back there tonight after getting a link to an author's homepage there, and decided to do a little work to my profile while I was in the vicinity: proof a couple of typos, etc. Then it happened: I got a bit addicted, after learning that a whole world opened up within the distance of a couple of clicks: a few customers of mine; schoolmates of mine; my boss's daughter; a guy I used to work with who's taken to lying about his age in a feeble attempt to pull gullible women, ... all on MySpace.

For a sick voyeur like me, it proved highly enlightening. Okay, enlightening clearly isn't the right word. Entertaining - maybe that's the one. Still haven't figured out what the site is really for, though.


SQUINNER said...

Giving me your mp3 collect

Mark said...

Surely that's what Bit Torrent is for?

geoff said...

annoying Goth teenagers who hang around War memorials in failing provincial towns

i wonder if they've worked out that the first four letters of our hometown spell a word that describes the place perfectly?