Thursday, March 02, 2006

Head...thumping, can...barely...type

Ah, well after noisily watching the other Ireland team stuffing some bunch of turnips (hey, BBC - why no live coverage of the mighty Northern Ireland's mighty triumph over the under-rated Estonians?), and a brief acoustic set by Crazy Sauce, the Bad Librarianship first inaugural drink-up soon descended into debauched chaos. Here's devoted reader Hannah from Portadown being "encouraged" into some suspiciously professional table-top dancing by Ali from Carrickfergus (left), and Chris (right, "my biggest fan") from Glengormley. Shortly after this picture was taken, the police arrived.
All in all, a very encouraging first effort, and I must admit I was quite impressed by the sheer distance my readers are willing to travel just to buy me beer. Bravo, my friends. I am humbled.


Hannah said...

"Suspiciously professional"?! The hell you sayin', Round Boy?

Chris said...

"my biggest fan"? I said "you're standing on my hand" you deaf git!