Sunday, March 05, 2006

BEN 10

Cartoon Nerdwork ran the first couple of episodes of BEN 10 the other day, I SKY+ed them, and watched them this afternoon (after watching Spurs cheat the Rovers off the pitch... BOO!). The short and sweet version is... yeah, the Dave "Cornelius" Johnson art direction is top notch. The storytelling, the scripts, the theme tune, are shit. Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit. The central concept is a spin on the old DIAL H FOR HERO gag, which is kinda offensively derivitive itself, but the dialogue, the characters, the pat moralizing at the end of each episode... it's all cheesy, sub-"JACKIE CHAN ADVENTURES" stuff. It's dumb shit, too: there's no real problem solving, either, just punch-kick-explodo! No wonder the U.S. is such a violent place - this is a friggin' kid's show, fer god's sake, you don't see Noddy or Bob The Builder solving problems with their fists! "Dammit, Wendy, hand me another stick of dynamite! I'll teach Farmer Pickles to build an extension onto his house without planning permission!"

Damnit, Dave! Come on home to
drawing comic books! It's less money, but more soul, brother!


Mark said...

The Dave Johnson image to the left is a concert poster he illustrated for Brian Ewing, for a joint Dave Lee Roth/Sammy Hagar tour a couple of years ago. I bought a signed and numbered print of this, framed it, and gave it to my mate Chrissy as a wedding present. He's a Van Halen nut.

For some reason, his wife hates it.

Ali said...

It looks lovely, and Chrissy has fine, fine taste in music too! Is there a web site you can go and peruse/buy such fine works of art? I'm going to have to tart up the house a bit, and there are only so many pictures of Jimmy Clark at the Nurburgring that I can put up.

Mark said...

Well, I bought it direct from the artist at his website. That said, Push Posters and AllPosters both sell groovy concert poster designs if you nose around their websites, without the risk of ordering transatlantically via Paypal.

dick shakar said...

oh yeah