Saturday, March 11, 2006

ALAN MOORE, in all his hairy glory

Ah, my current favourite bit of high-brow TV programming is BBC2's THE CULTURE SHOW. For a start, I'm growing ever fonder of the idiosyncratic presenter Andrew Graham-Dixon, who gets as excited discussing Daniel Clowes as he does Michelangelo. Anyway, on Thursday night, they had a nice, non-patronizing interview with the titan Alan Moore, and here's a link to the extended version being hosted on the Beeb's broadband site.


Anonymous said...

I liked Alan's healthy attitude towards Hollywood. Not so sure about him walking Northampton posing with his walking stick/cane. Still, one small affectation doesn't ruin the man!
I still prefer Newsnight Review to The Culture Show, if only for Tom Paulin, although he hasn't been on for ages.
It's all good though. Sure beats most of the kack our licence fees pay for.

Mark said...

I laughed out loud at Moore's vogueing on the walkway - walk to edge in silhouette, strike a pose! Like everyone who's reached the top of his chosen profession, you sense he's got a hell of an ego on him, but which is made bearable by his humour, and the size of the guy's talent. Unlike when mediocre talents start acting like divas.

The Newsnight Review hasn't been any good for ages, probably since they "broke up the band". Though I always enjoy Mark Kermode('s hair).