Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The year ahead for 2000AD

Those boys at the great 2000AD Review have produced some more sterling work: getting the regulars for the comic to talk up some of their upcoming work. The ever-garrulous Pat Mills' work sounds good - should be fun seeing him team up again with Clint Langley, only this time on A.B.C Warriors (sounds like a marriage made in heaven - Langley's digital art on Mills' digital characters). Also interesting is the return of Pat's old Nemesis The Warlock pard John Hicklenton, who's work has been conspicuously absent from the field for years, as he battles MS.
Of course it's not all good news: Simon Spurrier is being allowed to bring back Bec and Kawl. Sweeet christmas!

And hey, their review of last year was good, too, even when I don't agree with it - always a sign of good journalism.


Ali said...

So tell me, have you been watching Frosty in Hyperdrive on BBC2? I've only seen one of them so far, it was OK, but he's so damn watchable. All he has to do is raise his eyebrows to make me chuckle.
I might even grow a bad beard.

Mark said...

How'd you get from 2000AD to Nick Frost without mentioning Simon Pegg crying when Johnny Alpha died?

Watched the first one, wasn't too impressed. "Taped" the second one, haven't seen it yet. The cast do their best, Frosty's always great, and Kevin Eldon's always worth watching, but the script was pretty lightweight. I'll maybe give it another chance.

But yeah, I love Nick Frost like a brother. D'You watch him in that sketch show with Nathan Barley in it? MAN STROKE WOMAN? It was okay, too.

Ali said...

Yeah, I wasn't that impressed with man stroke woman - I thought Spoons on C4 was a bit better, but it did lack Frosty...
Nothing's perfect eh?

2000AD? Ahh, thing of the past.

Mark said...

Yeah, the latest crop of sitcoms and sketch shows has been pretty crap oflate. Here's hoping THE I.T. CROWD lives up to the hype.

Oh, and sorry: me and Bob drank that bottle of Sauvignon Blanc you (rather foolishly) left chez nous tonight. Reet tasty it was, too!

geoff said...

anybody heard much from this guy?

sorry to change the subject again like

Mark said...

Nope. Is he any good (yeah, I could stream a track and find out, but I'm listening to something else right this minute)?