Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Will Simpson exhibition

Could have done with pointing this out earlier, but better late than never: there's an ongoing exhibition of Will Simpson's work over at the W5 Gallery at the Odyssey (2 Quay's Way, Belshaft). It ends January the 15th, so time is tight.

And if you can grab a schoolkid from one of the in-laws and pretend it's yours, you could go to see him there on Saturday the 14th of January at "Will Simpson: drawing up a storm", when he'll "give you hints and tips on how to combine your creative energies with the forces of nature to design your own superhero!" What ever the fuck that means. However, places may be limited, so you'd probably need to ring 028 9046 7700 and check if you can book a place.


geoff said...

is he the dude that did big benn for warrior?

Mark said...

Yup. That was one of his first pro gigs, if not the first. Did you ever meet him?

geoff said...

nah. i had an address for him. it was "care of enniskillen post office" or something. he must have lived in some wooden hut on the shores of lough erne or something.