Monday, January 30, 2006

While down the pub on Saturday...

...I borrowed some bootleg DVDs of the first nine episodes of series two of LOST (starts back on RTE next week, apparently). Didn't take too long to devour them. Good stuff - it all rattles along nicely at a good ol' pace, introduces new characters, adds another layer of weirdness to the show's over-all mythos, and trims the annoying flashbacks a tad. Groovy. This season's arc looks like it is going to be about the long-term island residents The Others, with the origins of the island, again, relegated to MacGuffin status.

A lot of the American fansites keep moaning about the addition of Michelle Rodriquez to the cast, but I'm liking her PTSD-afflicted cop character. Since a promising debut in GIRLFIGHT, she's suffered the ignominy of being the best thing in a host of really bad movies (THE FAST & THE FURIOUS, RESIDENT EVIL, SWAT, etc), and it's good to see her getting some decent material. She's got chops.


geoff said...

the show's good but it lacks something. it's like ali mcbeal sometimes.