Sunday, January 29, 2006


Really wanted to like this. Really didn't. Dammit.

Millar makes the Avengers cool again in the THE ULTIMATES comic book by removing all the corn, and replacing it with post-Bruckheimer cynicism and sadism. It works, it's regularly the best comic Marvel publishes. This was supposed to be a dead-straight adaptation to animation. Is it bollocks. Looks like they've put back all that corn, and then some more for good luck. They've even got rid of Ultimate Thor's beard. Why? Does every kid in America suffer from friggin' pogonophobia?

If we're lucky, Marvel has made some sort of Faustian pact, that goes like this: X-MEN 3 has a great trailer for a crap movie, while ULTIMATE AVENGERS gets a crap trailer for a great movie. Fingers crossed!


FreeThinker said...

THOR Rocks!

Mark said...