Sunday, January 22, 2006

Minor local celeb covers comics related event, news at eleven

Today's SUNDAY LIFE features, as usual, the dire society column (well, a list of which UTV presenters got pissed, in which trendy Belfast nitespot) by Christine Bleakley, the Netto Mylene Klass, who'd clearly turn up at the opening of an envelope. Nothing strange or startling there, except it features the Will "William" Simpson exhibition at W5, mentioned here a week or two ago. Weird. Features a shot of the man himself, plus a couple of local socialites standing beside some of his paintings, with drinks in hand. Wonder if Julian Simmonds and Pamela Balentine were there, too? Or Jamie Delargy? Maybe "Cuddly" Ken Reid? I hear Hugo Duncan is a big Richard Corben fan.



redlib said...

Want to be our Irish representative on the Comic Blog Legion?
Let me know!
Redhead Fangirl

Mark said...

Sure. Do I get a flight ring?

redlib said...

You can have your flight ring as soon as your damn pound is worth less than our dollar. Last year when I visited Belfast it was 2 to 1.
By the way, I'm excited by your Futurama post. More Bachelor Chow!

geoff said...

wow. irish rep.