Monday, January 09, 2006

Just watched LIFE ON MARS

Great stuff. Though I laughed out loud at Mark Lawson's preview of the show in last Friday's GUARDIAN: he threw in every lame-o pseud's apology for daring to like a genre programme, including the old classic "it's like Kafka, man!" No it's not. It's just PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED meets THE SWEENEY. It's not that dark. It's quite funny. Now get over it, and move on. Though one wonders how far they can extend the central conceit of the show without becoming as repetitive as QUANTUM LEAP.

The BBC is certainly cracking on with the genre programming after the success of DOCTOR WHO, aren't they? This, SEA OF SOULS, then Nick Frost's new sitcom
HYPERDRIVE starting on Wednesday night. Are the Ruperts at Broadcasting House jumping headlong onto a bandwagon?


Mark said...

I'm not even going to waste a proper entry reviewing HYPERDRIVE. I could be dog rough and say it was absolute bollocks, but I'd prefer to be polite and just say it was a great cast in search of a laugh out of a lame-assed script.