Thursday, January 12, 2006

I apologize in advance for the following POPBOT related rant

I've been making out my monthly order for my comic book retailer, and I've just noticed that POPBOT #7 is solicited from IDW. Yay! Now, I keep hearing the same two complaints about POPBOT, that it is lovely to look at but barely comprehensible, and that it (along with all other IDW products) is overpriced.

D'you know what? I've absolutely no problem understanding POPBOT. It seems to be all about the deranged inner workings of one lonely nutjob, with all the reprehensible characters within being wacky figments of his splintered mind (which, come to think of it, may or may not be a metaphor for the entire creative process). Though I also get the feeling artist/writer Ashley Wood could reject this current tack, which he only brought in an issue or two back anyway, and head off on any tangent he feels like, at any chosen moment. As such, the series is a throwback to strips like The Airtight Garage, or even Tank Girl, where the creator just makes it up as they go along, without giving a shit about "character arcs" or "story arcs" or any of that bollocks you read about in Robert McKee's crappy book that so many comic creators and editors are now scared shitless to deviate from. Pussies. If you make writing comicbooks an adjunct of screenwriting, just how long before comics are as bland as Hollywood blockbusters?

And hey, whiners, you could probably afford POPBOT if you weren't wasting all your comic spendin' money on half a dozen assorted f#ckin' dismal X-MEN spin-offs every month, you retarded Marvel zombies - now stop yer constant bloody whining about IDW's pricing over at the Newsarama forums!



Aydreeyin said...

Haven't been to the shop lately, but I was pissed when Automatic Kafka went away. I'll have to go back to check out Popbot.

Mark said...

I was pretty fond of AUTOMATIC KAFKA myself, while it lasted, and would heartily recommend POPBOT as the book to take to your hearts for any disgruntled fans of that prematurely cancelled mini-classic. It's got more of Woodsy's great art (of course), and a lot of the same groovy free-associative story-telling jazz goin' on.