Friday, December 09, 2005

why rock'n'roll is better than comic books

Finally got round to buying the CLASH ON BROADWAY boxed set. Two points. I buy this at a time when I'm thinking about another upcoming anniversary of Joe Strummer's death. I know that a certain amount of royalties from buying it will end up going to Strummer's wife and kids. Happy days. But if I went out and rented the DVD of FANTASTIC FOUR, or bought any of the Masterworks hardcovers of the FF, exactly nothing would end up being paid to the Kirby family estate in royalties. Fair? Mais non. Ergo: even record companies are fairer than Marvel Comics. And every one knows record companies are complete cunts.

Point two: after listening to disc three of the set, and given sensible editing, it's apparent The Clash's SANDINISTA! could have been a classic. Cocaine, eh? Really not good for your sense of perspective.