Wednesday, December 28, 2005

This makes me sick! BOO!!

I loved SIN CITY (the movie) as much as the next man. But the one thing that pissed me off about it? That Jessica Alba was allowed to disrespect the source material so thoroughly and keep her clothes on. Every Frank Miller fan knows that in the books Nancy is topless in just about every panel in every issue she's appeared in. Damn you Alba and your stupid no-nudity clause, damn you to hell!

So when I saw this being linked to in a banner ad on a news site, you could guess how annoyed I was: this whole Nancy-keeping-her-kit-on trend has gone too far and must be stopped! Too far, I say!


Anonymous said...

I tend to agree... why go to so much pain to have frame by frame accuracy of the original material, if you are let down by a single actor/actress.

The new RECUT EXTEND version of the movie is worth a note. It now details each of the books in its individual segment.

Mark said...

Yeah, right! It's the.. uh, accuracy and authenticity I'm upset about! Totally! And it's not just that I'd like to see Jessica Alba in the raw. It's the principle of the thing!

Juice said...

I had not realized this was the case until you pointed it out. (Been a while since I read the source material.)

It's still the most accurate translation of a comic to film, but to now realize that it could have been THAT much more accurate and THAT much more enjoyable is a sad notion indeed.