Monday, December 26, 2005

New Year's Resolution

My first new year's resolution this year is... (and there'll be a few more over the next couple of weeks, I'm sure) is to turn the comments back on here at the blog.

Coming, as I did, from a (shit) print journalism background, I went into this blogging lark with comparatively little desire to get feedback from my readers. Hell, if they really wanted to get in touch, my email address was always over at my Blogger profile. In my first couple of weeks of blogging, some STAR WARS fans, incensed at my claim that I didn't really mind the tinkering George Lucas did with the original trilogy on his special editions, really started to get me nervous about the whole notion of leaving comments.

But hell, since then I've loosened up. As my Favourites folders on my browser starts to fill up with more and more blogs, and I realise that not everyone out there is a spammer ready to go to war over Greedo shooting first, I've decided to go ahead and switch 'em back on. Plus, the anti-paranoia medicine is starting to really kick in now.

It feels good. Like an agoraphobic managing to walk out his front door for the first time in a year.


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