Sunday, December 04, 2005

it's official: mourning period over

Normal blogging will now recommence. With a rant. Okay, I loved Bestie as much as any non-Man U supporting Ulsterman can. But if I ever tune the radio to a talkshow, with some halfwit phoning in to suggest he was a wonderful role model for kids, we should name the new national stadium/rename the airport/rename Old Trafford after him/build a giant robot colossus in his likeness that straddles the Irish Sea between Belfast and Manchester/make a movie of his life starring that annoying guy out of the BT adverts/whatever half-baked nonsense they've just thought of, I'll scream like a slapped little girl.

Let's get it in perspective. He was a horrible role model: he was just a nice guy who was truly great at his chosen profession. That said, never forget, he also foreshortened his career by maybe ten years to become a full-time waster. He had his demons, and they won out in the end.