Sunday, December 25, 2005

DOCTOR WHO: The Christmas invasion

A couple of thoughts: it looks like, though this actor is a slighter physical presence compared to Christopher Eccleston, that David Tennant is going to be the more swashbuckling, intimidating Doctor Who. Good.

And secondly, loved the THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK homage. Followed by the HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY reference. Which'll probably piss off the old school Whovians. Also good. Oh, and the continuing great design work. Those Santa masks, like Victorian toys. The Alien ship and The Sycorax themselves who were very Bryan Hitch. All this, and the clips fom the upcoming second series, have me hankering for more, as soon as possible. Cool.


geoff said...

darn. missed it.

Mark said...

I only managed to see it cus of the wonder of SKY+. The TV was hogged pretty solid all night by the womenfolk of the clan watching the holy trinity of hour-long soap "specials". Hoors. I wouldn't worry: BBC3 are bound to repeat it soon. Or come on 'round our shop: I'll be keeping it on the hard-disc for a while.

Thanks for the X-Mas pressies, Geoff. I'd have been 'round on Boxing Day night, but the hangover was starting to kick in after dinner.

geoff said...

them damn whoe'ers crop up everywhere. i think i was playing monopoly with them when the who was on that night.

and cheers for the wine and top trumps ;-)