Friday, September 02, 2005

not often the place to see comic news...

...but today's THE SUN featured news and art fom Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's new project: the cover concept and art for Robbie Williams' new album. Lovely stuff, but no way am I buying it, fer obvious reasons. The piece is as full of half-baked as any mainstream coverage of comics creators: it claims Vince designed Judge Dredd, fer grud's sake. Typically gorgeous Quitely textures, with a smug showbiz twat getting in the road. Sorry about the low-res scans, but they're from really crap newsprint.

If you're a big Frank Quitely fan in America, looks like you'll have to pick this 'un up on import. One of my favourite bloggers, Simon at No Rock And Roll Fun (the man responsible for me never having to buy any music journalism ever again), reports/gloats about it here.