Friday, September 23, 2005

Following his bliss

Just noticed this: one of my favourite internet comics journos, Alan David Doane of Comicbook Galaxy has gave up his blog there to concentrate on a blog devoted entirely to the work of one artist, James Kochalka. Curious move, but whatever makes you happy I suppose. The moral of this story is gosh, is it so long since I checked in on Doane's blog that he's had time to give up on it and start another? I'm really not spending enough time on the web, am I? One more time, for auld lang syne: DAMN YOU MURDOCH, AND YOUR INFERNAL SKY+ BOX!!

Anyway, I like crisps. I could start a crisps blog tomorrow. It'd be great. There's always new crisps on the market. Always an old favourite to revisit. But then to give up that crisps blog to start a blog purely about the delights of the greatest crisps in the world, Tayto Cheese and Onion? Great as they are, I really don't know if they could withstand that kind of scrutiny.