Saturday, September 03, 2005

And now, Frank Quitely's JUDGE DREDD

THE SUN's mangled Grant Morrison/Frank Quitely story has got me thinking about Vince's work for 2000AD/THE MEGAZINE back in the day. As far as memory serves, he never actually drew a Dredd strip, though he did play in that arena, drawing the tale of a Judge who'd taken the long walk in MISSIONARY MAN, and a Hondo City Judge in SHIMURA. The majority of his work on ol' Stony Face himself was limited to a series of covers for the reprint mag, THE COMPLETE JUDGE DREDD. As the guy always does, the work features a slight redesign of the standard Judge uniform which should be pointed out to anyone developing a new attempt at a Dredd movie: it's eminently practical as well as dramatic. A helmet that looks like it'd be wearable for large stretches, along with solutions for those impractical elbow and knee pads (they're incorporated into extended gloves and boots). So ladies and gentlemen, for your enjoyment: Frank Quitely's Judge Dredd: never to be repeated until he's no longer hot enough to be courted as an exclusive by DC or Marvel!

Now I'm off to the pub to watch N'orn Ir'n thrash Azkaban. And then: parrrr-taaaay!